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Whether you purchased your home just a few years or 30 years ago, selling a home can be tricky. For one, the home-selling process can seem like an enormous task when you consider all there is to do. You may be wondering where to begin the process. Or, you might be wondering what mistakes you should avoid when selling a home. These are questions that are best answered by real estate experts. Therefore, we have put together this webpage full of resources so that we can share our best real estate advice with you. Some of the resources on our website include:

Recent Home Sales

Search information on recently sold homes, condos and land in an area. Finding recently sold real estate helps you know what is happening with home sales in your area. Knowing what nearby homes are selling for can help you know how much to price your home for. This helps you quickly sell your home and at the right price.

Seller Resources

This section includes articles and resources that offer tips and hints to help you tremendously throughout the process of selling your home. Some of the articles feature information on:
  • Appraisals and Market Value-An appraisal can help you determine how much your home is worth. Follow this link to learn what important things that you need to know when considering an appraisal. Get the latest advice and pointers about home appraisals and market value.
  • Common Questions and Answers About Selling Your Home-Follow this link to learn answers to the most common questions that sellers have about the home-selling process.
  • Disclosure- Disclosing problems with your property is required by law if you are a seller. This is called disclosure and it is critical to a successful real estate transactions. Letting buyers know about problems with your property can also help lead to smoother negotiations. Learn what you need to know about disclosure in this section.
  • Negotiating-Effective negotiating is a key to successful home sale. Negotiating is a difficult skill to master. This tips will help you learns the ins and outs of negotiating.
  • Pricing the House to Sell-Pricing your home appropriately is vital to getting your home sold quickly and at the price that you want. Search this section to learn how to price your home to sell.
  • Property Taxes- Issues can arise at closing for sellers in regards to property taxes. Follow this link to learn all about property taxes issues for sellers.
  • Seller Financing-This sections contains information about seller financing. It lists common benefits and pitfalls of seller financing.
  • Selling at a Loss-Provides information for homeowners who may be underwater on their home
  • Short Sales-Learn what a short sale is and what the process is for a short sale

Check out all of the resources that we have compiled to help you navigate the home-selling process. Contact the Delgado Home Team for more information about selling your home or land in the Tampa area. The Delgado Home Team is one of the most successful real estate firms in the Tampa area. They have the know-how to help you sell your home quickly and easily.

Recent Home Sales - What are homes selling for in your neighborhood?

Seller Resources - Articles to help you navigate the selling process.
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